TEMPORARY HAVENS | Melinda Laszczynski, Randi Long, and Sarah Welch, curated by Dean Daderko

 On view: May, 5-June 11, 2017 @ Lawndale Art Center (John M. O'Quinn Gallery)

The residents in Round 11 of Lawndale’s Artist Studio Program create new visions, sounds, and ideas that will change the way you experience the world around you. Through prints, drawings, hand-drawn animations, and a newly created comic book that explores the near-future in an ecologically disrupted Gulf Coast; an expansive, gestural installation of playfully perverse, glittery and gritty abstract paintings and sculptures enlivened with video; and household items and refuse wired together to produce explosive sound, as well as quieter collages and scores that synthesize the act of looking and listening, these artists invent worlds for us to enter, explore, inhabit. and enjoy.

BUILD-A-WORLD ZINE WORKSHOP w/ Sarah Welch and Zine Fest Houston
Sat., May 20th, 2PM - 5PM @ Lawndale Art Center, 3rd Floor Classroom

Join artist Sarah Welch and Zine Fest Houston for a zine-making workshop focused on world-building. 

Whether you’re a high fantasy novelist, poet, comix-maker, or visual artist with a love of narrative imagery, world-building is great way to begin conceptualizing a project. In this workshop, participants will learn tips for creating a distinct sense of place and make their own, original one-page zine exploring a slightly tweaked or wholly new reality. 

All materials will be provided, but personal collage materials and drawing tools are welcome.

This event is FREE and family friendly, ages 13 and up! 


STAPLE! 2017! September 9-10, Saturday (11am-6pm) and Sunday (12-6pm) @ Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex in Austin, Texas

Mystic Multiples will be tabling at our first STAPLE! Independent Media Expo!


SAVE THE DATE: Zine Fest Houston Nov. 11th 2017 @ Lawndale Art Center